• Research Scientist. Toyota Research Institute. Nov 2021 - Present
  • NLM Postdoctoral Researcher. University of Washington. Sep 2020 - Nov 2021
    • Currently leading a team of nine researchers and designers at UW and UCSD to develop an AI-powered tool that 1) monitors clinicians' body language and communication style and 2) provides feedback to mitigate hidden healthcare bias in the clinic.
    • Investigating opportunities to prevent home medication administration errors through large-scale analysis of online health forum posts using topic modeling and content analysis.
  • PhD Research Intern. Microsoft Research AI. Apr - Jul 2020
    • Investigated challenges that product teams face in prototyping AI products.
    • Developed an AI failures taxonomy based on a systematic characterization of 16 AI failure scenarios in common natural language based products.
    • Designed and evaluated AI Playbook (rebranded as HAX Playbook), an interactive tool for generating interaction scenarios to test when designing user-facing AI systems.
    • HAX Playbook ( is released as an open source software and is fully extensible.
    • Research has been covered by WIRED (
  • Graduate Research Assistant. Georgia Institute of Technology. 2014 - 2020
    • Designed and deployed two functional mobile health systems (Rapport and CO-OP)
      to support chronically ill patients’ health management.
    • Applied quantitative and qualitative user research methods in various settings.
    • Managed IRB documentation work across two university hospitals and Georgia Tech.
    • Published nine peer-reviewed papers in leading conference and journals.
    • Co-founded Health Experience and Applications Lab.
  • Research Lead. Boeing Research Co-Op @ CMU. Jan - Aug 2014
    • Conducted research and designed new approaches to streamline communication on
      the 737 line at the Boeing Renton factory.
    • Devised and applied qualitative research methods with factory employees.
    • Led negotiations with Boeing IT management to gain access to factory floor.
    • Submitted high-fidelity prototype, concept video, website, and two internal technical
      reports as final deliverables.
  • Research Assistant. Department of Biomedical Informatics @ UCSD. 2012
    • Conducted usability studies, and designed and evaluated Schema Builder-a web user
      interface that allows clinicians to define custom NLP schemas to extract important
      information from unstructured patient records.
    • Systematically investigated clinicians' workflow patterns via cognitive walkthroughs.
    • Defined use case scenarios for adverse drug events and pathology reports of colonoscopy exams.

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant. Georgia Institute of Technology. Spring 2018

    User Interface Design (Instructor: Lauren Wilcox).

  • Guest Lecturer. Georgia Institute of Technology. Fall 2017

    "Designing Health Information Technologies to Engage Families in Data-Driven Medical Communication.”
    Personal Health Informatics (Instructor: Lauren Wilcox).

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant. Georgia Institute of Technology. Spring 2017

    Issues in Human-Centered Computing (Instructor: Betsy DiSalvo).

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant. Georgia Institute of Technology. Spring 2016

    User Interface Design (Instructor: Lauren Wilcox).

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant. Carnegie Mellon University. Summer 2014

    HCI for Technology Executives (Instructor: Brad Myers).

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant. Carnegie Mellon University. Spring 2014

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Technology (Instructor: Edward Engler).

  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant. University of California, San Diego. Winter 2012

    Cognitive Design Studio (Instructor: James D. Hollan).

Invited Talks


  • Peer Review
    • CHI: 2014 -
    • CSCW: 2015 -
    • Pervasive Health: 2015 -
    • IMWUT: 2019 -
  • Volunteering
    • Associate Chair. CHI 2022 (Health Subcommittee)
    • Conference Student Volunteer. Pervasive Health 2012, CHI 2015
    • Workshop Organizer. Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH 2017)
  • Working Group
    • Member. American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Clinical Information Technology
  • Georgia Tech
    • President. College of Computing, Korean Student Association (KSA)
  • UCSD
    • Founding Member. User Experience San Diego (UXSD)
    • Officer. Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA)

  • GVU Foley Scholars. Georgia Institute of Technology ($5000). 2019
  • George Family Foundation Fellowship. Georgia Institute of Technology ($3500). 2019
  • Doctoral Consortium Travel Grant. ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2019
  • Editor's Choice. Journal of American Informatics Association. 2018
  • Department Honors with Distinction. University of California, San Diego. 2012
  • Provost Honors List. University of California, San Diego. 2010-2012